Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

This Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Seventy Three was beautifully restored. From a very desirable era of production, a considerable amount of work was done to this piano.

New tone bar grommets were installed, and a lengthy multi-pass voicing of the tone bars and pickups was completed. It has such a warm tone and considerable bark when you lay into it. Equal temperament tuning was done, tone bar clips applied for increased sustain in the upper register, and many other adjustments made while servicing and playing it.

The miracle mod was carefully installed to greatly improve the feel of the action. It now is enjoyable and light to play while feeling like a legitimate, wooden mechanical action. The keys were leveled, bushings lubricated and adjusted where needed.

Cosmetically, it received new tolex and a new chrome hardware set. The original leg set and sustain pedal were in great condition, and after metal polishing, they shine as new. The lid has minimal marks and no deep scratches.

The vintage hammer tips are in place with almost zero wear, providing the original attack and sound desired from the factory.

If you’re looking for a classic 73-key stage that is an exceptional example needing no work, look no further than this impeccable example.

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