Hohner Clavinet Restoration

The Clavinet is an intriguing instrument with a unique sound that has many specific traits. They are often overlooked for servicing and restoration if they just “make sound” but can be clunky as hell. A well performing Clavinet is a true audible and tactile difference.

The first step in any servicing or restoration project is the initial assessment of the various parts and tolerances necessary to achieve a high quality instrument.

Retro Rentals & Restorations offers a free comprehensive assessment, covering all major facets of the Clavinet, for any new client proceeding with our recommended repairs. For those desiring a full assessment in order to perform their own repair or restoration, all recommendations including a parts list will be made for a fee of $195. A digital assessment via submitted photos is also available.

Contact us at info@retrorentals.net or 310-926-5799 via text or call to discuss the next steps in your Clavinet journey.

What’s covered in our comprehensive assessment:

String check
Tuning check
Yarn / Damping check
Pickup check

Rubber tip check
Striker alignment
Key frame height
Key cap stability and integrity

Preamp health check
Hum test
9V, power supply and 1/4″ output wiring check

Structural integrity check
String mute test
Legs and flanges check




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