Rhodes Mark II Eighty Eight Stage

From my personal collection, this 88-key Rhodes stage is an absolutely stunning time capsule. It is as brand new as you will ever find a vintage Rhodes piano. Looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor, it is a 10/10 cosmetically and complete with all its original parts.

This Rhodes was extensively serviced over the course of a month. Far beyond what it sounded like from the factory, an enormous amount of time went in to optimizing the tone, bark and the life from this piano. It’s the perfect marriage of an extremely dialed in Rhodes with the beauty of its originality.

There is zero corrosion anywhere; the tines, the pickups, the original chrome hardware… it was obviously never exposed to the elements. All metal shines as new. The original hammer tips provide the intended attack and sound we’re all familiar with, and the original damper felts were lightly adjusted in service.

It received a very thorough, multi-pass voicing of the tonebars and pickups to provide the absolute best sound possible. The harp’s strikeline was carefully realigned to bring out the maximum dynamic potential of the instrument, giving it much more time and care than allotted from the factory. The action was serviced and has a very light touch that’s a joy to play, and at the same time has the rewarding weight and feel of a mechanical action.

Many people don’t understand the true potential of a Mark II Rhodes, either from misinformation or assumptions. When one is fully serviced by a tech who truly understands a Rhodes, the real latent potential can be unlocked revealing an instrument that someone can truly connect with. I hope the video demonstration through both a vintage Fender Twin and Roland JC-120 captures the essence of this remarkable instrument.

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