Hohner Clavinet C

An earlier and more rare example of the Clavinet, the model C is a secret among those in the know. Landmark recordings, including Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, were made with the Clavinet C, not the D-6:

It is said that its germanium transistors in the preamp as well as a slightly different pickup design imparts the unique warm sound that differentiates the C from the D. It was also chosen specifically as a model to be sampled for Spectrasonics’ Keyscape.

This Clavinet received a remarkable restoration to bring it back to better than factory performance. It was restrung with Vintage Vibe’s premium Clavinet strings and Clavigel for improved dampening.

The original hammer tips were extracted and new tips installed. New key bushings were installed to tighten up key slop, as well as replying loose key caps typical in Clavinets.

Cosmetically, it is a 10/10 sporting new red tolex, the same color when factory new. The white top panels have been professionally repainted and new rear jacks installed for power adaptor and 1/4” connection. It even has an original set of legs and the acrylic music stand.

Even more of a bonus, the Clavinet C is priced under what a Clavinet D-6 goes for solely based on popularity. This is your opportunity to be in the know, and own an exceptional Clavinet for less.

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