Custom Gold Fender Rhodes

$395.00 /day (Weekly Rates Available)

This is the ultimate Fender Rhodes piano. It is the culmination of years of Rhodes expertise, combining the best of the best in Rhodes production and enhanced functionality.

Starting with a very desirable year of production, this unique Rhodes is equipped with a preamp that’s custom designed for the Rhodes sound, giving it a wide spectrum of EQ to choose from while being remarkably quiet. Powered by the nearly indestructible and highly powerful Janus Rhodes amp, on stage it delivers quite a punch through 4 Jensen C12-N speakers.

Finished with a color-changing chameleon lid and a fully customized appearance, this Rhodes has been called on by music’s elite for its incredible sound.

  • Custom high-output preamp with tailored treble, bass and vibrato controls
  • Smoother vibrato modeled after early Fender Rhodes pianos
  • Accessory jack, placed after active EQ
  • 2 sets of Stereo ¼” outputs
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